Hi, I’m Lexi Ogden.
I’m 22, born and raised in Utah.
My family lucked out with one cute brother,
but I’m the oldest of four sisters.
We have no shortage of estrogen at our house.



I recently returned from serving the people of the Philippines,
Where I lived as an LDS missionary for the last 18 months.
It was one of the most special experiences of my life!
I gained a lot of appreciation and adoration for Filipino women,
And their unfailing inner strength and devotion to family.



Our roles as women are crucial.
We have so much to offer the world–
If we get to the world before it gets to us.

I’m passionate about women embracing their essence,
Since I’ve had times in my life where I’ve lost mine.
I think it’s one of the more important things we can ever learn.

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