I had a lot of fun putting together this video about motherhood!
The only problem is, it took a little longer than I anticipated…
But I decided we could all make a more conscious effort to ALWAYS remember and revere the mothers in our lives,
Instead of just celebrating them once a year.

So here’s to EVERY DAY being Mother’s Day!

I can’t post and pass up the opportunity to highlight my own mom.
There are a million things I love about her…
But this year, I’m especially grateful for her “motherly intuition”.
I don’t know if all moms magically come with spidey senses?
But my Tam Tam just knows what’s up.

Her greatest desire is the success and happiness of her children;
That love, teamed with her wisdom, make her the perfect
and confidant.
She not only wants what’s best for me, but she knows what that ‘best’ is.
I adore her.

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